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Business reference books


If you are a business man, below is a reference business book that you should to read.

The Basic Business Library by Eric Forte (Editor); Michael Oppenheim
    Call Number: (Library West, On Order)
    ISBN: 9781598846119
    Publication Date: 2012

Now in its fifth edition, The Basic Business Library is a modern sourcebook of core resources for the business library and the business information consumers and researchers it serves. This up-to-date guide also discusses strategies for acquiring and building the business collection in a Web 2.0/3.0 world and recommended approaches to providing reference service for business research. This text includes numerous real-world examples that cover market research, investment, economics, management and marketing. This is a single-volume guide to doing business research and managing business resources and services in a multitude of library environments. Readers will gain an understanding of the nature and breadth of providers of business information; learn the types and formats of information available; become familiar with key resources and providers in major categories such as marketing, financial information, and investment; and understand how to collect, use, and provide access to business information resources.

Business Information Sources by Lorna M. Daniells
    Call Number: HF5351.D251 1993 (Library West & Business Reference)
    ISBN: 9780520081802
    Publication Date: 1993-10-12
This is the reference work that librarians and business people have been waiting for–Lorna Daniells’s updated guide to selected business books and reference sources. Completely revised, with the best, most recent information available, this edition contains several new sections covering such topics as competitive intelligence, economic and financial measures, and health care marketing. Handbooks, bibliographies, indexes and abstracts, online databases, dictionaries, directories, statistical sources, and periodicals are also included. Speedy access to up-to-date information is essential in the competitive, computerized business world. This classic guide will be indispensable to anyone doing business research today.

Business: The Ultimate Resource by Jonathan Law
    Call Number: HD 38.15.B878 2011 (Library West)
    ISBN: 9781408128114
    Publication Date: 2011-08-15
An international bestseller, BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource is a one-stop reference and interactive tool covering all aspects of today’s world of work. Unique, authoritative, and wide-ranging, it offers practical and strategic advice for anyone doing business today. Written with a team of world-class writers and editors, it is an essential desk reference for managers, MBA and business students and for small business owners worldwide. Fully updated and revised for this new edition, BUSINESS features: Best Practice: over 170 essays from a stellar cast of business thought leaders; Checklists and Actionlists: more than 200 practical solutions to everyday business challenges; Management Library: time-saving digests of more than 100 of the world’s best business books; Dictionary: jargon-free definitions of more than 7,000 terms; Giants and Thinkers: revised biographies of over 100 of the world’s most influential gurus and pioneers.

How to Find Business Information by Lucy Heckman
    Call Number: HD30.4.H43 2011 (Library West)
    ISBN: 9780313362804
    Publication Date: 2011-07-01
This fact-filled guide serves as an introductory handbook or as a refresher for those who want to research a specific topic or update their research skills. Encompassing print and digital materials, journals (both online and print), online databases, reference materials, and websites, this handbook will prove invaluable to anyone who finds it necessary to research business information. The tips and tactics it offers can, of course, be used by investors, but also by those seeking information about possible business partners, potential clients and customers, or sources of goods and services. Topics covered include banking and finance, economics, company information, industry information, marketing, accounting and taxation, and management, in short, everything one needs to know to make sound business and investment decisions. Features: Annotated list of sources; An appendix listing core items in business.

Making Sense of Business Reference by Celia Ross
    Call Number: (Library West, Pre-Order)
    ISBN: 083891084X
    Publication Date: Forthcoming, August 2012
In times of recession, the library is more critical than ever for those who want to start a business and need to do research, and academic and public libraries are at the heart of a growing need to research business questions. An accidental business reference librarian by trade, Ross explains how to provide quality reference help on issues from marketing to finance–for business people, students, and even business faculty. Honing in on fundamentals, this practical guide: Explains how to conduct the reference interview, with tips for helping clients help themselves; Identifies important business resources, both free and fee-based; Offers chapters devoted to industry and market information; small-business needs; international business research; investing and the stock market; and marketing and demographics. A detailed bibliography functions as both a standing reference for desk use as well as a collection development aid for building a core business collection. Including numerous illustrative case studies, Making Sense of Business Reference takes the guesswork out of doing business.

Strauss’s Handbook of Business Information by Rita Moss; David G. Ernsthausen
    Call Number: (Library West, On Order)
    ISBN: 9781598848076
    Publication Date: 2012
While widespread use of the Internet has made a vast amount of information within reach of the masses, specific knowledge is still required in order to find what is being sought on the web. Accordingly, public and academic librarians are finding themselves working closely with users at both ends of the information seeker spectrum more than ever before. This third edition of Strauss’s Handbook of Business Information provides an up-to-date reference guide to business resources, both in print and online. Organized into two parts, the first six chapters address general areas of business while chapters 7 through 16 cover more specific topics, such as marketing, investment, and real estate. This book is invaluable to librarians in academic, public, and special libraries as well as business and library students studying business information or business research.

Small Business and the Public Library: Strategies for a Successful Partnership by Luise Weiss, Sophia Serlis Mcphillips, and Elizabeth Malafi
    Call Number: (Library West, Pre-Order)
    ISBN: 9780838909935
    Publication Date: 2011
Aligning with recent news stories on difficult economic times, the authors target libraries endeavoring to assist users entering or already involved in the small business community. Small Business and the Public Library will help you reach out to this group of partons with: Innovative programming ideas Easy-to-translate suggestions for day-to-day operations Suggestions for helping clients become business literate on the Web, on paper, and out in the world of work Whether patrons need resources to start their own business, search for a new job, or locate demographic statistics to help them market their existing product, this resource will help you answer questions and meet their needs.

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